Dope growers stealing Porsche headlights for crops

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5 November 2012

Dope growers stealing Porsche headlights for crops

Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf reports that 20 top end Porsche Cayenne SUVs and Panamera sedans have had their hi-tech HID headlights stolen, and police believe they are being used by hydroponic growers rather than a stolen car ring.

Perplexed Dutch owners have returned their cars to find their Porsche's headlights missing - but with everything else intact. Each headlight costs up to $1000.

Porsche Cars Australia spokesman Paul Ellis told News Limited there have no been reports of its headlights being stolen in Australia. 

At least NSW Police will have a good idea what the crooks are looking for: the force recently took delivery of Porsche Panamera sedan as a community liaison vehicle in the North Sydney area command.  It is the first Porsche to be donated to an Australian police force.



Written by

Joshua Dowling

National Motoring Editor - News Corp Australia

Published 5 November 2012

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