Dad uses lingerie shots of daughter to sell car

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29 November 2012

When Oregon father Kim Ridley wanted to showcase his 1977 Datsun on the US eBay site, he tried to make it look more attractive by adding a provocatively-posed – and somewhat underdressed – young woman with it.

If she were a professional model, there would probably be some tut-tuts but little surprise. But what has shocked people is that the young woman is his 20-year-old daughter, Lexxa.

The eBay images showed her in a variety of sexy poses around the car: in one with her legs spread and the car seen between them; and in another leaning over the bonnet and pushing her derriere towards the camera.

Advertising industry journal Adweek says that Kim being Lexxa's father "puts a strange and newly unwholesome spin on the … 'Sex sells' motif that goes beyond the usual cliches."

However Mr Ridley said he has no regrets about taking or using the images. "If I felt bad about it, I wouldn't do it," Mr Ridley told Adweek, adding that he often used sexy photographs of Lexxa and her friends to sell items.

Mr Ridley eventually sold the Datsun -- which had desirably low mileage at 49,964 miles (78,860km) -- for $7,500.

Did the photos go too far? Or is the father-daughter relationship no different to any other 'sex sells' advertising?



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Published 29 November 2012