Coke chase 2013 Super Bowl ad

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23 January 2013

Coca-Cola has drawn on two iconic Aussie movies for its 2013 Super Bowl run-up ad.

Coke Chase features a gang of Mad Max baddies and a crew of showgirls in a pink Priscilla bus, vying with a Great Escape motorbike, a posse of cowboys and a camel-leading Arabian sheik – all in a race to a giant Coke bottle.

The ad is the key creative in an online campaign that lets viewers vote to let three of the teams reach the bottle first – or delay the other teams by watching linked ‘sabotage’ videos.

Voting will run through to the final second of the Super Bowl game, and the team with the most votes will star in the ad to air immediately after the game finishes.



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Published 23 January 2013

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