Angry Birds go to slingshot billy-karts | video

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17 October 2013

Rumour has it that when a team of US Navy SEALS burst into Osama bin Laden's Pakistan hideout and killed him, the terrorist was playing Angry Birds. If true, it gives some idea of the viral popularity of the mobile phone game.

The first of the games was simple -- slingshot the birds at pigs. And subsequent editions only expanded slightly on the theme: flinging the birds into various structures. But the next version, due out in December, takes things a step further.

You still get a slingshot, but it's to launch the birds' billy-karts off the line for a downhill race, with action that'll be familiar to any fans of Mario Kart. The trailer shows you can still choose your favourite feathered or piggy character, and there are opportunities to spec up your kart.

Angry Birds makers Rovio have confirmed the game will launch as a free download on December 11, but haven't given details yet of which phones will be getting it first.


Watch the Angry Birds go to slingshot billy-karts video here.




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Published 17 October 2013

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