2013 Subaru Forester official images

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1 November 2012

2013 Subaru Forester official images
“It's a vehicle that could have been designed specifically for the Australian lifestyle".

Subaru says it will debut the next-generation Forester to the public on November 13. The SUV goes on sale in Australia in February, but Carsguide will have the first drive report in a few weeks.

The new wagon has a new transmission, updated engine and changes to its high-performance turbocharged version. The Forester, launched in Australia in 1997 but an evolution of the first mass-production SUV of the 1970s, is Subaru's best-selling model in Australia. More than 169,000 Foresters have been sold in Australia to date.

Subaru Australia's managing director, Nick Senior, says the next Forester is a crucial vehicle for Australia. “This fourth generation Forester is the most significant we will have launched since the original back in 1997,'' he says. “There is more change - substantial technical change -- and innovation, than ever before. But above all, new Forester is an SUV that won't be confined to the suburbs.

“It's a vehicle that could have been designed specifically for the Australian lifestyle - it's all-road, all-conditions, all-seasons and this new one will go further than any previous Forester.”

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