Subaru Forester oil consumption

26 October 2012

I recently purchased a Subaru Forester and while I am very pleased with it, I am disappointed with what I hear and read about this model's oil consumption. How much do they consume and why, and what oil do I use to top it up? Surely such a modern engine should not consume much oil?

David Hogben

The oil consumption is a result of the engine design, being horizontally opposed, and it's not limited to Subaru. Oil accumulates in the rings when it's sitting and you'll sometimes see a puff of smoke from the tailpipe on start-up. It's not something to be concerned about if you check the oil on a regular basis, as you should do on all cars. Use the Subaru recommended oil when topping it up. You'll find that in the owner's manual.

Graham Smith, CarsGuide


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Graham Smith contributing journalist and all-round knowledge bank

Published 26 October 2012

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