Knocking sound in Toyota Prado

5 August 2010

There is an intrusive knocking sound from the motor in my 2008 Toyota Prado 3.0-litre turbo-diesel when trying to drive on a cold start. Even if I let it idle for five minutes to warm up it still persists until the motor is at full operating temperature. If I drive it before it is completely warm any load on the motor, like going up a hill or accelerating produces a very distressing knocking sound. Is this normal, how can it be fixed?

Graeme Sanders

We were told of a similar issue with the turbo-diesel engine in the HiLux, which was claimed to be cause by over-fuelling during the warm-up phase and there was a revised ECU developed to fix it. Go back to your dealer and check the availability of the fix for your car.

Graham Smith, CarsGuide


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Graham Smith contributing journalist and all-round knowledge bank

Published 5 August 2010

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