Honda Jazz excessive fuel consumption

2 November 2012

I have a 2012 1.3 litre Honda Jazz Vibe that is using 10 litres of petrol per 100 km. this compares to the 5 L/100 km I got from my previous Honda Jazz. The Honda people stated that it might improve after 5000-6000 km and suggested using premium for a short period and if this doesn't improve fuel consumption they suggest resetting sensors. Have you heard of this problem?


Not specifically, but the people who told you that it might improve after 5000-6000 km are having a lend of you; using premium for a short period, give me a break. Take the car back and demand they fix it. Honda claims it will do 6.6 L/100 km, and while the published fuel consumption is for comparison purposes the real life result should be close to that number. Yours is way off the mark, something is wrong with it.

Graham Smith, Carsguide

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Published 2 November 2012

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