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2012 Super Bowl top car ads

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    The Chevy ad perfectly captures just how much we can love our cars.

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Adriana Lima was the 2012 Super Bowl ad everybody was waiting for.

What was Kia’s Super Bowl ad going to do with top supermodel Adriana Lima, after releasing a teaser with her in a bikini waving a chequered flag.












Not that Lima has to do anything more than that to attract your attention.
And now the full ad’s revealed as a cracker.

Adriana Lima team ups with Motley Crue and Chuck Liddell (nobody will notice him in the mayhem). Turn up your speakers.

This year's crop of ads will all be trying to top last year’s viral winner: the VW mini-Darth ‘Force be with you’ commercial.  

We weren't  sure what Volkswagen has up their sleeve this year with the teaser The Bark Side -- although it was a taste of how clever you can be with well-trained dogs and with trying to milk the Star Wars theme to the last drop.

The full ad now revealed touts the New Beetle, but then flips to a self-referencing reminder of last year's 'Vader kid' success, with a very unconvincing appearance.

The better Darth side is the unintentional reseemblance in the face of the Lexus GS as it bursts into the world in the luxury brand's first ever Super Bowl spot.

We’re just not sure yet of the link to cars, but given some of the brilliant VW ad series over recent years - Unpimp My Ride being a favourite at Carsguide - we’re keen to see what they do with a galaxy far, far away. Or failing that, whether the 'Walker' look catches on in the doggy fashion world.

Suzuki has also gone to the dogs with the Kizashi ‘sled’ ad, with a supporting star line-up from a team of huskies that also turn up the ‘aaaaw’ factor.

And after you finish replaying Adriana Lima a gazillion times -- or your eardrums have finally burst with the Motely Crue soundtrack, check out the corporately-rousing Rocky theme put to use for Hyundai.

Cheesy, but you kinda like it by the end. Hyundai says “It has a corporate branding feel as a "thank you" to all the employees and was filmed at the Montgomery, Alabama, facility.

A strong early favourite is the Honda Acura commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld - plus a hot line-up of supporting stars and characters. It's an epic in terms of length, compared to some of the others.

But we can guarantee that Seinfeld hasn't lost his touch or his charm, and you'll stay with it right to the surprise swipe ending. Watch for the alien autopsy moment, too.

And in another that starts from the premise that we're passionate about wheels - and despite being a submission from a starter filmmaker - the Chevy Camaro ad perfectly captures just how much we can love our cars. 

Audi has a ‘bloody good time’ with the Twilight bandwagon by turning up at a vampire party with killing effect. 

Sometimes the 'fails' are just as funny as the successes. And matter how many times we watch the strange spot, we can’t warm to it.

We salute the idea of borrowing from Men in Black for the ‘second head’ inspiration, but somehow it comes off as being just plain creepy.

There was potential there, but the line “That’s my confidence … it’s been coming out of me” just doesn’t have the bite to match the image. Even with as second set of teeth to help out.



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  • Why no mention of the much anticipated “Ferris Bueller’ Honda commercial to aired during the Superbowl??

    Jim C of Sydney Posted on 04 February 2012 8:21am

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