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4 June 2012

If you think parallel parking is boring, see how Chinese expert steerer Han Yue tackles the task of getting into a space just 15cm longer than his car.

He has broken the Guinness world record set just last month by Patrik Folco, whose car was just 22cm shorter than the space he tucked it into.

Han deftly drifted his machine to victory early in the day to break Folco's record with a 21cm difference, then had the organisers keep whittling the gap down until he shaved 7cm off it.

We'd love him to get over here and teach some of our city drivers how to parallel park. Or just how to park properly at any angle for that matter. Getting the whole car in between the lines shouldn't be considered advanced driver training.

Hans' Guinness World Record-winning performance was part of the Beijing launch of a new Mini special edition called The Chinese Job. Good job, that.

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Published 4 June 2012