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I bought a VF Storm wagon V6 in June. After driving it for a few days

I have recently seen a 2008 Toyota RAV4 Cruiser for sale.

I've been looking for a first car for my son. Would you say the 2013 H

I am trying to sell my 2001 Holden Astra for around $3000-3500.

The air-con and airflow suddenly just stopped working on my 2006 Ford

The clutch in my daughter's 2013 Nissan X-Trail has been slipping and

I like your comments on Hyundai and Kia.

Why the dislike of CVTs?

On reading many of your new-car reviews, I notice that often when stat

Leaking shock absorber

The front shock absorber on the driver's side in my wife's car is leak

I need to buy a used car and my absolute budget is $10,000 but I'd pre