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Toyota has grown to the world's largest car manufacturer. Originating in Japan, Toyota now produces vehicles around the globe. The extensive lineup covers most shapes and sizes from small hatchbacks to mid-size sedans, sports cars, SUVs in various sizes, off-road wagons, people movers, utes and light commercial vehicles. Several of these models are available with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, with manual or automatic transmissions, and many are available with petrol-electric hybrid drivetrains. Models include the 86, Aurion, Camry, Corolla, HiAce, HiLux, Kluger, LandCruiser, Prado, Prius, RAV4, Rukus, Tarago and Yaris.

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Toyota largely built its enviable reputation for toughness and reliability on big, lusty four-wheel drives like the Prado . Regarded as the LandCruiser's little brother, the Prado is a big wagon that is able to cope with life in town. NEW It can accommodate up to seven in reasonable comfort, with some space left over for carrying the sort of gear a family on the move often has to take with it. The 150 Series...Read more
Weight, thirst and cost don't dent the popularity of large SUVs. A new Korean arrival takes on two veterans of the segment. Fuel crisis, what fuel crisis? A few years ago people were predicting the end of the gas guzzler, as car buyers deserted homegrown large cars in favour of smaller, more efficient models. They were only half right. People have abandoned large cars — but a sizeable chunk of them have graduated into bigger,...Read more
Derision is often envy given voice and that's certainly true of comments directed at Toyota. The company has built its reputation with conservative cars that tick the boxes for cost and competence. As a result Toyota products are lambasted as boring and staid … and then sell by the thousands to private and business buyers alike. Toyota is predicting 20,000 annual Australian sales between now and the closure of the Melbourne plant in 2017 Take...Read more
The introduction of the hugely successful Toyota 86 in 2012 has revived the long history of sporting models from the Japanese giant. Amongst these is the purebred Mid-engined Runabout 2-seater named the Toyota MR2. When launched in 1987 the MR2 was promoted as an excellent choice for those hankering after a mid-engined, two-seat Ferrari but with a rather more limited budget. True sportscars and all Formula racing cars have a mid-mounted engine to provide the...Read more
It's the beginning of the end for the Australian-built Toyota Camry but the family favourite has a parting shot for rivals When Toyota wanted Australians to get emotional about the Camry, a swan song wasn't what it had in mind. The latest and last Camry will take the Australian automotive manufacturing industry to the end of the line. Ford closes in October next year and Holden about 12 months later , leaving the Japanese giant...Read more
Like a comfy old cardigan Australia's small car buyers continue to turn to the Toyota Corolla , despite a plethora of worthy rivals now on offer in a very crowded market. There's something reassuring about a nameplate that has been around almost 50 years, particularly one that has built an enviable reputation for reliability and trouble free motoring as the Corolla has. NEW The Corolla began as a small car, but over time has grown...Read more
Toyota Avalon was a failed attempt by Toyota to get into the big six-cylinder family car market that in July 2000 was totally dominating sales in Australia. To keep costs down Avalon was based on an early-1990s design for an American Toyota so it was already dated before it was launched here. Not only did Avalon fail to gather sales, Toyota Australia found it necessary to close down Corolla production in Melbourne to make room...Read more
If you were leading a marathon at the 35km mark, you’d hardly start to skip sideways to stem the boredom, would you? The Toyota Corolla sedan adheres to a similar formula. If you’ve been winning at what you do for decades, why not keep doing it? So, the small sedan is hardly the most exciting or stylish model on the market, but together with other Corolla bodystyles , it’s led the small car segment for...Read more

Sales of mid-size sedans are struggling amid the mass migration to...Read more

The Toyota Corolla may have topped the Australian sales charts for the past two years, but does this mean it’s the best small car you can buy? It competes with plenty of other celebrated models, like the Mazda3 , Hyundai i30 and Volkswagen Golf , but the Corolla remains Australia’s favourite . Are we making the right choice? The Toyota Corolla Levin ZR tested here sits at the top of the Corolla hatch lineup, above...Read more

As our cities become more crowded and parking spaces get smaller — and...Read more

We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering would you buy one? What is it? The 86 needs no introduction. The rear wheel drive, two-door sports car has been a runaway success for the company since its introduction two years ago. It’s been upgraded, but still looks the same - with...Read more